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This animal should be hanged to death...let amend the law.

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This heinous crime by a human being is worst than animal’s behavior, this man should be punished to the maximum penalty under the existing law.

I urge government to amend a new law to send this kind of criminal to hanging gallows. Keep them alive is wasting of earth resources.

Punishing his wife for not having sex with him: this Malay man anally raped his own baby of 23 day-old.

A Malaysian man was recently arrested for sodomising his 23-day-old son after his wife declined to have sex with him.

The 39-year-old mother, who is still is confinement, noticed that her son was weak and found injuries on the baby’s anus and mouth when she was bathing him.

“She brought him to a nearby clinic before being referred to Selayang Hospital where doctors confirmed that the baby was sodomised,” the Star Online quoted Gombak deputy OCPD, Supt Rosly Hassan as saying.

The police alleged that the bruises on the mouth are because the man had covered it with his hands to prevent the cries of the baby from reaching his mother who was in the living room.

“We believe the incident took […]