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How to back up your gmail or other email services?

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No backing up your computer files is no longer an excuse in your life. I always tell people do not come to give excuse that “I lost my files due to no back-up.” That is your own personal problem, keep it for yourself.

For Gmail, there is a simple way to back up your data by installing desktop email client like Foxmail or other email client besides depending on Google server backup.

Back Up Your Inbox Today to Avoid Losing E-Mail Tomorrow

Feb 28 2011, 10:51 AM ET Nicholas Jackson By Nicholas Jackson

Q: I saw that 150,000 Gmail users lost all of their messages and settings recently. I have thousands of important e-mails archived in my inbox. How can I avoid a similar problem?

A: Over the weekend, 150,000 people signed in to their Gmail accounts to find that they had been wiped clean. No e-mails, no themes, no folders, no labels–all of the personalized settings gone. Erased. “I have lost ALL of my emails/folders etc. from fmail. Why would this happen? How can I restore everything,” user bkishan wrote on a Gmail help forum. “I was on my eMail […]