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Why the bad English?

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BN does not need to spend another RM10 million to hire Mckinsey Consultants to prepare 1000 pages report.

My dear Muhyiddin Yassin, my first answer is not Malay first, Malaysian last.

This letter is a bitter experience sum-up from a victim under the new educational system introduced in 1972. The generations borne in 60s and afterward are condemned for poor English instead of the fault of our own system.

The government has to look at the system itself and rectifies all weaknesses in the system, otherwise the grouse on bad English will be repeated year after year for another 50 years by our ministers, employers and parents as well.

First, our English teachers especially in the rural areas are POOR and incompetent. English grammar can be taught and grasped by any students easily if the methodology used is right and simple. There is a certain pattern and formula for the English grammar, but sadly most our English teachers have never learned about it.

Besides, how many local English teachers can teach English phonetics subject to students? My nephew in Singapore had learned English phonetics at the age of six in the kindergarten, […]