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China shall be blamed for march-throwing fixing

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Combination photo shows the women’s doubles pair of (clockwise from top left) China’s Wang Xiaoli (kept) and Yang Yu, South Korea’s Jung Kyung Eun (top) and Kim Ha Na, Indonesia’s Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari and South Korea’s Ha Jung-eun (left) and Kim Min-jung during their matches during the London 2012 Olympics. The World Badminton Federation charged eight female players with misconduct on Aug. 1, 2012 after four Olympic doubles teams had attempted to ‘throw’ matches to secure a more favourable draw later in the tournament.Photograph by: Bazuki Muhummad , Reuters


China national badminton team is notorious for match fixing to ensure better chance of winning medals in the Olympic Games. It was happened in Sydney Olympic Games.

China official media also criticized such match fixing tactic. I think their coaches should be punished as well, not just the players.

The round-robin fixture is susceptible to fixing, BWF is partly to be blamed for this blunder. Re-draw after each round will eliminate match-throwing, a simple solution used in the Europe Soccer Cup.

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