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Health Experts Reveal Importance of a Low-Fat Diet, and Urge Americans to Splurge on Veggies Instead

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As Catholics around the world steer clear from the butcher aisles today, and every other Friday for the remainder of Lent, they’ll be pleased to know that a panel of experts are in support of their new dietary habits. In fact, they’re proposing that all Americans opt for more fruits and vegetables, rather than slowly killing themselves with poor food choices rich in cholesterol and fat.

The panel of experts working with the U.S. government and independent surveys released new recommendations Thursday, Feb. 19, recommending that new dietary guidelines be followed by Americans for the better fitness of the nation. While the panel experts say that citizens need not be worried about cholesterol itself, a shift in the dietary habits towards more vegetables, less fat and increased exercise.

“On average, the U.S. diet is low in vegetables, fruit and whole grains” the research report says. “And it’s too high in calories saturated fat, sodium, refined grains and added sugars.”

“About half of all Americans, 117 million individuals, have one or more preventable chronic diseases that relate to poor dietary patterns and physical inactivity including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and diet-related […]