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This is how BN suppresses local workers with foreign workers

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The bosses always wanted cheap labor to maximize profits, not because of lacking local workers.

A middle income nation with USD 7000 GDP and 28 million population has imported 2 to 3 million foreign workers is a crazy policy only can happen in Bolehland.

Malaysia manufacturing, agriculture, fishery, and other sectors will forever stay at low tech and manual operations with unlimited supply of cheap foreign workers. The welfare and salary of local workers will be suppressed to third world standard.

I was told the earning power of blue color workers in the developed nations is on par with the white color office workers because of no foreign labor import policy in the developed nations.

Malaysia is truly boleh (is bodoh in real meaning), the country imports foreign labor and export high skilled workers at the same time.

This is a self-made middle income trap as I had written before.

Local workers must revolt and stand up against BN more foreign workers policy.

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