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BN government claims British police stationed at Bukit Kepong as Malaysian heros, it should be held responsible for Batang Kali massacre

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You will expect another typical double standards from Bodohland BN government.

In one hand, UMNO claimed British police killed by the communist insurgents in Bukit Kepong are Malaysian HEROs. In another hand, they will claim British soldiers involved in Batang Kali massacre are not Malaysian Heros.

The point is either British police and army are owned by Malaysia or British. You cannot take one and leave another one.

I repeat my earlier point, policemen killed in Bukit Kepong are employees paid by British, not Johor Sultan and they all reported to British Colonial official. These policemen were playing the same role as British soldiers before Malaya Independence.

IF Bodohland BN government insists Malay policemen are Malaysia heros, I am fine for this. But they have to answer for Batang Kali massacre as well.

Britain held responsible for mass killing ESTELLE SHIRBON Last updated 07:29 05/09/2012

Britain was responsible for the 1948 killing of 24 unarmed Malayan civilians who were shot dead by British troops during a campaign against Communist insurgents, a London court has ruled, contradicting the official government position.

The mass killing in the rubber plantation village of Batang Kali, […]