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Batik technology was invented during Han Dynasty at 2000 years ago

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Indonesia is better to learn neighborhood spirit from Argentina and Uruguay in sharing tango as their cultural heritage.

Tango given UNESCO cultural status

Wednesday September 30, 2009

Argentina and Uruguay patch up row to get tango on Unesco list ( “Argentina and Uruguay have squabbled for years over who invented the tango, both claiming to be the birthplace of the great tango crooner Carlos Gardel. But they patched things up last year in a joint effort to persuade Unesco to list the tango among its traditions worth safeguarding for humanity.”

Their efforts were successful: Tango on UNESCO world heritage list (AP): “Tango was declared part of the world’s cultural heritage by the United Nations on Wednesday and granted the international seal of approval Argentina and Uruguay have long sought for the dramatic dance and its sensual moves.

The 24 members of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee of Intangible Heritage granted the tango dance and its music protected cultural status at its meeting in Abu Dhabi.”