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BN thief is calling PR as thief

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The rebate from the middlemen for public funds to schools and NGOs is BN long tradition.

Just because MACC is BN political tool, BN has no shame to call PR a thief in rebate scandal.

Rebate issue also hits Johor, says school

THE “rebate” scandal that rocked Kedah also occurred in Johor, claimed the treasurer-general of a school board of directors, according to major Chinese newspapers.

Thua Eng Ho claimed a state assemblyman in Johor had allocated RM5,000 to the school but seven office steel cabinets, worth about RM2,100, were sent to the school instead, wrote Sin Chew Daily.

He said Parit Yani assemblyman Datuk Ng See Tiong had allocated RM5,000 to the school in 2009.

“The supplier insisted on taking a 40% rebate if the school wanted to get the allocation in cash.

“Or else, it would be replaced with goods at more than the market price,” he alleged.

When the school received another RM3,000 allocation from the same assemblyman in 2010, Thua claimed that it only received RM2,100.

He said the school authority had never complained or brought the matter up with the assemblyman.

Ng said he was unaware […]