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Bernama staff member is a national hero?

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On what basis BernamaTV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor should be treated like a fallen hero?

The honour given to him just because he worked for a government agency or he is a member of delegation for UMNO Youth?

Late Noramfaizul was not representing Malaysia when he was on duty, he was in a private tour with the UMNO Youth. The national hero honour should NOT be bestowed to him.

Only the king can decide who is the national hero, not PM Najib. See Najib is again insulting our King.

A provoking question, do you think Chinese or Indian or other race cameraman for BernamaTV is also giving same treatment if they are the victim?

How about seven orang asli buried alive in the landslide in the Cameron Highlands? Yes, they are nothing, loss of a few orang asli is just another natural disaster statistics.

No newspapers are interested on them at all while BernamaTV cameraman shot dead incident is a front page news in The Star.

This herd of reporters was sent to a battlefield without a proper briefing and training on how to handle war risk and protect themselves.

Please do not […]