UMNO Apartheid >>>

My rebuttal against Tunku Abdul Aziz in

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Tunku Abdul Aziz says

It is time for plain speaking. I am sad that I have to make this comment because I care a lot about Sino-Malay unity. I am not racist and my record speaks for itself. The truth is that it is a Chinese funded and organised demonstration, however disguised, with an agenda that goes beyond fair and free elections.It is being held when the nation is commemorating Merdeka, an event that few Chinese care about. Maria Chin and her camp followers are deliberately forcing Malays into a corner, an act of provocation, committed in the name of democratic rights. Trampling on the rights of others I suppose is part of the democratic rights of these fair weather Malaysians. The authorities have a duty to protect those of us who believe that any change of regime is legitimate only if conducted through the process of the ballot box. To the millions of loyal Malaysians of Chinese origin, I bow humbly before you and apologise for any transgression. I wish you well.

You are a racist bigot, do not need to apologetic to millions Chinese for speaking out your true […]