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How Can Bersih Rally is illegal?

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Najib and his gangs called Bersih Rally an illegal gathering is another “boleh”.

Can Hisham’s bumi special position in the constitution be declared illegal? Obviously not.

Then how could freedom of speech and expression, a provision in the constitution illegal? Police Act limits public gathering to 5 persons is unconstitutional and undemocratic.

What threat to national security for 50,000 people gathered in the Merdeka Stadium? Our idiotic ministers and police chief argued 50,000 people will jam up the downtown, then how Micheal Jackson and other concerts in Merdeka Stadium ran smoothly in the past?

A petrol station kiosk in Jalan Sultan Ismail remains open for business. This kiosk was running very good business from the presence of about 10,000 demonstrators. No robbery and break in incidents were reported, every one queue up to make payment unlike rioting scene as seen in TV3.

Najib and his gangs have shown gross disrespect to our King by questioning his majesty’s power of giving audience to Bersih organizer, locking down the Istana and blocking access roads to Merdeka Stadium and turning an indoor gathering to street demonstrations.