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Swiss and Singapore banks are heaven for Malaysia black money

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The change of Federal government is only way to ask Swiss and Kiasu banks to declare secret bank accounts hold by BN politicians.

Malaysia black money per capita is the highest in the world. Thank to BN for making such as world record.

Swiss government: We’ll freeze Musa, Taib assets if Malaysia cooperates

By Aliran, on 7 September 2012

The Swiss Federal Council has fueled speculation about the foreign assets of prominent Malaysian politicians, reports the Bruno Manser Fund.

(BERNE, Switzerland) Days after the announcement by Switzerland’s Attorney General that it had opened a criminal case against UBS on grounds of the bank’s suspected laundering of US$90m on behalf of Musa Aman, the brother of Malaysia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, an official Swiss government statement fuels the debate on the capital flight by Malaysia’s political leaders.

In a written reply to questions submitted last May by the social democrat MP, Carlo Sommaruga, the Swiss Federal Council (government) declares its readiness to freeze illicit assets of politically exposed persons from Malaysia, namely the Chief Ministers of Sarawak and Sabah, Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman. However, this could only happen if Malaysia were […]