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BN education system has churned out a bunch of emotional rakyat

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BN has succeeded to educate [brainwash is a correct word] a huge bunch of Malaysians without rational and logical thinking. BN education system’s main objective is churning out rakyat without brain power to question BN policies and passing examination is only goal for attending school.

The BN education system is like a two-edge sword, it harms BN also when PR is managed to draw a bunch of them to oppose BN policies with the logic that all BN policies are evil and bad.

These below Bodohland’s ideas are too prevalence in our society,

A public policy is either good or bad.

You either BN or PR supporter.

You either support Green or reject Green.

You either a man or a girl.

The nuclear power is either good or bad.

Radioactive is either good or bad.

LAMP is either good or bad.

Najib is either a good or bad leader.

Hudud is either good or bad.


In reality, many real life issues are falling in the grey zone where no definite yes or no answer except for moral matter.

For example, Najib and Lim Guan Eng have their own weaknesses and […]