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More gifts from BN after GE 13

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AES suspension is a political-motivated action, nothing to do with legal reason. PM Najib is a smart person, actually is over cautious for taking political risk to ram through unpopular AES before GE 13.

The privatized AES cannot be canceled? No, it can but the ministers have to return 5% commission paid by the companies first. The hardware cost is inflated 10 times from RM 80 million to 800 million to maximize commission payment to our BN ministers.

Do you believe RM4 million kick back is worth the political risk?

RM40 million is a minimum kick back to BN ministers based on inflated project cost.

There are gifts from BN if they win in GE 13,

1. Goods and Services Tax implementation. (I partly support it with a condition poor rakyat are not affected)

2. AES full implementation. (I support it only after no-privatization and install cameras at the black spots in the highways and Federal trunk roads only)

3. Another one million Malaysians are added into income tax payee roll after taking BR1M baits. (I fully support it)

4. Water and electricity tariffs will be adjusted upward tremendously. (I fully […]