Bersih Agent Provocateur >>>

There were hired agents provocateurs planted in Bersih 3.0

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These three “protesters” in the circles are alleged the same thugs who attacked students in Dataran Merdeka. They are alleged from Perkasa or Pekida who opened up barricades.

Bersih has been falling into mouse trap set up by BN.

The reality is 99% layman and laywomen in the Bersih are loving peace and non-violence type Malaysians, but 1% boiling blood youth under the instigation of external elements and some PKR leaders have tarnished the reputation of 99% protesters and Bersih NGOs.

These “protesters” have refused to disperse and kept challenging FRU for no valid reason after 4PM. Everything was very smooth and peaceful until 4PM, things turned to ugly after 4PM when most Bersih protesters already dispersed and went home peacefully.

I am not sure these people are truly Bersih supporters or hired agents provocateurs. We hope police releases the names for those arrested (unlikely, the hired agents provocateurs will be released from the backdoor) for Bersih to investigate are they.

I am confident to say they are trouble makers who kept asking crowds to play mouse and cat games with FRU. I saw these people ill-behaved at LRT Masjid Jamek […]