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Bosch solar says sayonara to Penang

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Bosch has shelved its 2 billion PV integrated solar module manufacturing plant in Penang. The decision is due to over supply of PV products especially from China.

Lim Guan Eng must be jealous against Lynas rare earth plant in Pahang is still running fine. He cannot keep the investment in Penang, yet to be a busy body to interfere Pahang investment matter through his proxy, Wang Tak.

I doubt any foreign investor is keen to invest in Penang with its chief minister is maniacal in kicking out foreign investors without any legal and scientific reasons.

The drastic drop of FDI in Penang has something to do with Lim’s anti-foreign investor attitude.

Lim Guan Eng has to be kicked out from Penang and let a Penangite be appointed as the Chief Minister.

Bosch shuts down solar division; total loss amounts to €2.4 billion

The start of 2014 will herald an end to Bosch’s activities in the solar PV industry, the company has announced.

As reported earlier today on PV-Tech, Bosch Solar Energy has tried unsuccessfully to achieve a competitive position, which it attributes to global overcapacity and unsustainable module price declines.

Stefan Hartung, chairman […]