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Another bigger scandal in the making by Penang PR government

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A view of the seafront along Persiaran Bayan Indah

Boustead Holdings only asking for RM50-60 million compensation in lieu of scaling down its hotel , but LGE is alleged too generous to hand over RM 1 billion worth of land reclamation project to this military-linked company.

LGE has never contested this case in the court, and he is playing the role of judge by assuming Penang state government MUST pay compensation to the developer.

Judging from the crazy and madness way of running Penang state under LGE, Pulau Jerjak may be not longer an island by 2020, it may be a part of Penang Island after several haphazard land reclamation projects.

See my previous posting on this potential bigger scandal than sPICE.

No reclamation please


SOME 350 residents living in six condominiums and houses along Persiaran Bayan Indah in Bayan Lepas want the seafront in the Bayan Bay area to be spared of any future land reclamation projects.

Bayan Bay Residents’ Action Committee chairperson Sharifah Hamidah said the residents were not against development but were more concerned about the quality of life.

“We want […]