PR White Elephant >>>

100 acres land reclamation concession for Boustead by Penang PR state government

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The deal was called off, this project is removed from the PR white elephant list!

The Edge Financial Daily had reported yesterday that Boustead would be allowed to reclaim an area along the coast, south of the Penang Bridge “very much less” than 100 acres between the existing Penang Bridge and the Penang Second Crossing (P2X) in Batu Maung. The reclamation will be carried out south of Bayan Mutiara which the state government recently tendered out to be developed.

The 100 acres land reclamation concession by PR state government is to compensate Boustead for downsizing its 12-floor hotel to 5-floor after the former BN Penang government approved the project without considering the building height limit set by Unesco and MPPP.

Why I condemn LGE again, didn’t I know the hotel plan was approved by Koh’s BN government? Did I have a personal grudge with him?

Read my analysis first before you jumping up an down like a DAP wild monkey.

LGE should fight the case in the court first and argued that MPPP canceled Bostead Royale Bintang hotel is to safeguard Georgetown world heritage status and national interests.

Signing off hotel plan by […]