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Another strong reason to boycott Gardenia

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Instead of listening to a complaint made by the customer and compensate him accordingly, but Gardenia sued the complainant.

Small donation to Malaysiakini does not make the call to boycott Gardenia void.

The first boycott Gardenia campaign was started with only two email messages sent out and the message reached out to million of Malaysian consumers in very short period.

Court dismisses defamation suit over dead lizard in bread

by nurbaiti hamdan

SHAH ALAM: A Sessions Court here has dismissed a defamation suit filed by a bread manufacturer against a consumer who held a press conference involving a dead lizard that was found in a loaf of bread he bought.

Judge Sabariah Othman in her ruling said on Wednesday, the plaintiff, Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd, had failed to prove the elements of defamation in the defamation suit against 42-year-old Lau Kian Eng.

She dismissed the suit with costs to be specified later.

On Aug 6, Gardenia sued Lau, a human resources trainer, claiming that Lau had defamed the company in articles published in five Chinese-language newspapers.

The plaintiff claimed the words and photographs published in the articles implied […]