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I made the decision was not due to the friction of China and Japan over islets in Yellow Sea, but due to Japanese brutality against Chinese in Malaya during World War II.

The next territory to consider is Malaya (lines 301-311). The Chinese living in Malaya particularly suffered from the Japanese occupation, at least 37,000 of them being executed (lines 301, 302, 304). In order to get some overall figures, estimates based on the China and Philippine democide rates are given (line 318 and 319). Also included with these bases is a high of 100,000 killed given by Malayan officials. Noting this high and that the few available figures already total 38,000 killed (line 312), I consolidated these figures into a range of 55,000 to 100,000 killed, with a mid-estimate of 83,000.

Over 13 million Mainland Chinese died and 300 USD billion (in present currency value) losses in GDP during the Japanese occupation in China.

The most stupid thing done by China communist regime is forgave Jap war crime and canceled all war compensation demands from Japan. China communist regime is the biggest betrayer to Chinese people.


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