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Have you boycotted mamak stalls and restaurants?

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They are running anti-Chinese racial demonstrations in Penang after PR won the election. Stop visiting mamak restaurants means stop funding these racists.

Bukit Bendera UMNO Ahmad (Datuk Ahmad Ismail) is already venturing into arowana business, it’s time to lobby Mainland Chinese to boycott Ahmad’s arowana business. His arowana farm in Bukit Merah is Crossback Arowana, you can see the giant signboard on the left when you travel to Penang via Plus Highway.

MACC should also investigate Ahmad’s arowana export business because my source said Ahmad was alleged in exporting arowanas without CITES permit.

Besides, 99% of workers in the mamak stalls are foreigners. Why you spend money to feed these aliens? Your money should be spent wisely in any restaurants staffed by local workers.

Another solid reason is unhealthy and unhygienic food served in the mamak stalls.

I have been actively boycotting mamak stalls since last year, and patronizing mamak stalls always is my last option.