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BR1M money distribution is torturing old folks

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My 78-year old mum and another almost 90-year old lady were asked to collect RM500 vouchers from a community hall in another village at about 8km away.

The BR1M is not for poor people only, the old lady’s son is a multimillionaire, yet she was selected for BR1M because MCA knows she will vote BN.

My mum tagged along my young neighbor to the distribution center. They all have to queue up for a few hours under the scorching sun before they managed to collect taxpayer’s money. My mum was considered lucky for getting RM500 on that day, there are many folks in the list have to collect RM500 in the next round.

Why BN government cannot send the vouchers to successful applicants’ homes?

Why BN government has to distribute cash and vouchers to applicants in the concentration camps for cheap media stunt?

Asking 90-old lady to queue up in a long queue is a civilized way of treating senior citizens?

This below photo from Sin Chew Daily is worth more than a thousand word.

BR1Mming with anger after long wait

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