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If BN government allows prophet Muhammed statue be used in the bar....

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….local Muslims will burn down the bar and the owners may be chopped off to pieces.

Actually there is another Buddha Bar camouflaged under “Buda Haus” name in KL City. Buddha statues are placed in the bar where alcohol is sold and meat is consumed. The bar is located behind Berjaya Square.

Sabah state government allows a bar called Buddha Bar to operate in Kota Kinabalu and a Buddha statue is installed as the bar logo.

How can local council approves the business license for a bar with Buddha name and a permit is given to install Buddha statue in the bar?

BN government allows Buddhism to be insulted openly. May be this is a revenge against Chinese for voting PR.

Indonesian government has banned Buddha Bar after the court found the company is offending a religion and it’s a blasphemy against Buddhist.

Western and Islamic countries will never allow Jesus or prophet Muhammed statue in the bar, but allow Buddha statue because they know Buddhist followers will not bomb the bar like Christians and Muslims. They have selective freedom when it comes to religion.

I hope the government enacts a […]