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Stop donationg money to Buddhist monks loitering in the street

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This idiot is a bogus monk!

Most of them are bogus monks from China with ill-intention to cheat Malaysians especially the Buddhist followers and innocent foreign tourists.

Real monks have never asking money from any public member and loitering in the street to harass by-passers for donation of dubious welfare projects and pushing for sales.

These donkeys are tarnishing the good image of Buddhist monks. STOP donate money to them and call in police to arrest them for deportation.

CPO: Check monks’ identity to be certain

MEMBERS of the public can ask for the identification card of monks for verification to check if they were genuine monks or not when they ask for donations.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob said the public could always alert the police or approach those on duty at the Ops Payung booth for help should they come across any bogus monks.

“Impersonating a monk is an offence. Nobody can stop the public from asking to see the monks’ identification card to know whether they are genuine monks or not.