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Local Chinese think no fanatics in Buddhism..they are wrong

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I’m really do not know how the Buddhist monks traced back the land ownership record in 2000 year ago.

What the local Muslims feel when a Muslim shrine was demolished illegally? Sure feel angry and hot temper! But this phenomenon is quite common here where many Hindu shrines and temples are demolished legal and illegally. Let put your feet on the Tamil’s shoe in future.

Never came cross in my mind that Buddhists have fanatics like Muslim world until I worked and stayed in Sri Lanka for a year.

The Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are divided into three sects, one of them is extremists who instigate and encourage its followers to take hard stance against Hindus and Muslims. They also against any ceasefire with Tamil Tigers, and wanted to end the civil war with bloods.

I hope that hardcore Buddhist sect from Sri Lanaka will never set foot in Malaysia.

There are about 7% Muslims in Sri Lanka, and they are being discriminated by Sinhalese government like Malaysian Chinese and Indian suffered here under a Sinhalese first policy which is similar to Malay first NEP.

I believe they copied and adopted Malaysian NEP […]