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Malaysia Boleh :: MACC senior official stole buffalos

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This photo was taken in Indian where a police officer shot dead a mad buffalo.

I can’t believe these people with job being buffalo thieves. The firearm weapons possess by them can put them on the gallows if no selective prosecution as usual.

Only a word to describe them, damn stupid.

MACC officer, 3 others held for stealing buffalo By HARIZ MOHD

UNEXPECTED: Police seize double-barrel shotgun, other weapons and ammo from suspects

HULU SELANGOR: POLICE arrested a senior Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officer and three other men for shooting and stealing a buffalo in Bukit Sentosa here on Friday evening.

Following the incident, reported by the owner of the buffalo to have happened at 11.30pm at an oil palm plantation there, police seized a double-barrelled shotgun, an air rifle modified to fire live ammunition and another air rifle from the suspects.

A police source said the 41-year-old owner went to the location to check on his buffaloes when he saw two men burning something at the side of a river there.

When he approached the suspects, he saw a pool of blood and buffalo stool. The men told him they had just […]