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No sympathy to those cheated, themselves to be blamed.

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This is a sample call between the conman and victim.


I sympathized the first victim, not second and following donkeys who are still being cheated after such a bad and wide publicity in the news about Bukit Aman scam.

I did receive a call from the scam gang, they quickly dropped the call when they found out I tried to play game with them. 🙂

The incoming phone number appears on your handphone is a fake number. When you return call without re-type every single digits, your call is directed to another number.

These conmen are mostly mainland Chinese and Taiwanese. They will drop the call if you speak English.

These victims, many are highly educated are living in the closet, have never read the newspaper at all.

I have to admit these conmen or conwomen are real professionals. I did see a sales girl try to dupe a middle age lady in my kampung. I kept silence and not intervened until the lady came to ask me whether the deal was good or bad.

My reply was short and simple, “Go ahead to donate your money if you are so rich […]