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Pekida mob was rioting at Bukit Bintang

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Pekida is used by UMNO to create racial tension from a pure thievery case to shift away the focus on 1MDB scandal to a new race issue.

Five injured in mob attack at Low Yat Plaza

Five people were injured, three believed to be journalists, in a mob attack near Low Yat Plaza after police dispersed protesters at the shopping mall.

An eyewitness said a group of 50 to 60 men barged into a food outlet near the shopping mall and assaulted the patrons with motorcycle helmets at around midnight.

Among those believed to have been targeted was a media photographer. A journalist who tried to protect the photographer was also beaten up.

According to the reporter, a group of people shielded the two journalists from the angry mob. The two later sought shelter in a nearby hotel.

At press time, it is believed that the police have detained six individuals involved in the mob attack.

Two Federal Reserve Unit vehicles were deployed to the scene at 1am.

There were also sounds of explosions heard at the scene.

Police have cordoned off the main road entrance to the shopping complex.

Earlier in the […]