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The winner wrote the history

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If the communists won and controlled Malaya, they are the heroes, not terrorists as you read in the history textbooks and newspapers.

For the Bukit Kepong incident, UMNO-led BN government was trying hard to hide a fact that the communist leader led the attack is a Malay, named Muhammad Indera.

Those left-wing Malay, Chinese, Indian and others who fighted for Malaya independence from the British and Japan colonial powers should be recognized as freedom fighters. While those elements who refused to lay down their weapon after independence from British can be defined as rebels.

The whole story is the winner defined and wrote the history book, many unsung heroes will never be recognized by BN government for the political reason.

Probably this Mat Sabu controversy created by Utusan will expedite BN government to build a proper museum in Bukit Kepong, Muar. The project was delayed for years.

The “museum” is still an empty shell when I visited Kepong old police station two years ago during my balik kampung trip.

This is signage photo I took, broken English is used as usual by Tourism Malaysia. Please click the link for full size image.

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