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Another selective prosecution based on race

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In Chinese language:

致傷男女劫匪 3男被控參與暴動 本月15日晚,被民眾懷疑是劫匪的男子,當場被圍毆至受傷倒地。(檔案照)


Five injured suspects

It was reported in the China Press that three Chinese men who arrested five thieve (robbery?) suspects were charged for riots.

My questions are

– How to arrest armed suspects without using reasonable forces?

– How five armed suspects can be beatan by three men?

– IF the suspects arrested are not Malays or Indonesians, I believe our Public Prosecutor will not file charge against three Chinese men.

Don’t condemn me for raising this sensitive issue, we all know many Chinese or Indian drivers were attacked to injury or even death IF they accidentally hit any Malay folks in the kampongs.

None of the mob from the kampong are charged for riots since the independence day although they have taken the law under their hands.

DROP the charges and Police is better to educate our public do not use excessive forces when they are trying to arrest criminals.