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Be innovative and protective in offering tourist products

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Melaka and Penang’s historical past and multiracial cultures are hidden gem for attracting the eye balls of local and foreign tourists.

Revolving tower, duck boat and ferris wheel are commodities anyone can buy with money and install in their city like in Singapore. As an expatriate working in Kandy, Sri Lanka in late 90s during the climate of civil war. I wish to share how Kandy revived their traditional dance, religious rituals and arts through an annual Esala Perahera or Esala Procession. Today this religious ceremony has grown into one of the most splendid sights in Sri Lanka and Southern Asia. This carnival attracting a lot of devotees and foreign tourists each year, the Kandy city is jam-packed during the 5-day festival.

Penang and Melaka with their rich and diversified cultures and festivals should be repackaged and promoted to international tourists. For instance, Thaipusam and Nine Emperor Gods processions can be promoted actively and aggressively to India and the Great China markets, a combined of 2.5 billion population.

The bullock cart, a common transport in 60s and earlier in Malaysia should be capitalized and re-introduced as a tourist product especially in the Melaka […]