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It’s high time to be tough against Indonesia

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The Indonesian government has screwed up their own natural resources and mismanage their economics. Malaysia is just a punching bag to shift their internal problems and unhappiness amongst its people towards an imaginary external enemy.

As Chinese proverb says, “you retreat an inch, they will advance a feet.” Malaysia is too soft against bully from Indonesians. Stop all intake of Indonesian workers to see who is loser in this bully game.

This is my first praise given to UMNO politician for standing up against bully from Indonesia.

Khairy: Don’t test our patience

PETALING JAYA: Indonesians should not continue to test the patience of Malaysians, said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

“Indonesians should understand that Malaysians are also sensitive, and get angry at hearing our country labelled negatively, and seeing our national flag burnt.

“We realise we need to understand and learn about the sensitivities of Indonesians. I hope Indonesians will not continue testing the patience of Malaysians because it will incite similar aggressive nationalism from us,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Angry Indonesians have been protesting daily over the use of the Balinese pendet dance in the Enigmatic Malaysia promotion by Discovery Channel.