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New slogans for the Chinese Communist Bureaucrats

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Chinese citizens proposed politically correct new slogans for their Chinese Communist Bureaucrats. There are many similarities with our “kakitangan^2 kerajaan”.

别说”不好”,要说就说”欠佳”; Don’t say NG (no good), shall say less than ideal.

别说”假新闻”,要说就说”策划”; Don’t say fake news, shall say planning.

别说”罚款”,要说就说”执法”; Don’t say fine, shall say enforcement.

别说”偷税”,要说就说”避税”; Don’t say steal tax , shall say tax evasion.

别说”涨价”,要说就说”调价”; Don’t say price inflation, shall say price adjustment.

别说”停滞”,要说就说”零增长”; Don’t say stagnant, shall say zero growth.

别说”下滑”,要说就说”负增加”; Don’t say recession, shall say negative growth.

别说”贫困”,要说就说”不富裕”; Don’t say poverty, shall say not rich.

别说”卖隐私”,要说就说”吵作”; Don’t say no privacy, shall say hoax.

别说”找三陪”,要说就说”休闲”; Don’t say relax at the spa, shall say seeking leisure.

别说”父母官”,要说就说”公仆”; Don’t say government officials, shall say public servants.

别说”乱收费”,要说就说”集资”; Don’t say fees collection, shall say collect capital.

别说”贪财好色”,要说就说”禁不住诱惑”; Don’t say greedy and womanize, shall say cannot resist temptation.

别说”行贿”,要说就说”劳务费”; Don’t say bribe, shall say miscellaneous expenses.

别说”骚扰女人”,要说就说”她有不可抗拒的魅力”; Don’t say harassment against woman, shall say she is too attractive.

别说”倒闭”,要说就说”改制”; Don’t say bankrupt, shall say system reform.

别说”腐败”,要说就说”作风不正”; Don’t say corruption, shall say ill-behaved.

别说”难逃法网”,要说就说”运气不好”; Don’t say cannot escape from the justice, shall say bad luck.

别说”经济损失”,要说就说”交学费”; Don’t say economical losses, shall say learning fees.

别说”出国旅游”,要说就说”考察参观”; […]