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Have problem to buy a third-party car insurance for mora than 10-year old car?

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I used to buy Kurnia car insurance from an agent who is my childhood friend in kampong.

Kurnia was asking purchaser with more than 10-year old car to buy extra personal insurance if you insist to buy a third-party car insurance. They have given tons of excuses to force you to purchase first-party insurance policy.

The insurance agent (his wife) treats her customer like a king when you insure RM50,000 with a first-party insurance and dumps the customer when you only want to insure RM10,000 with a third-party insurance.

I have to say my childhood friend will never get a single cent insurance business from me again.

Since both Kurnia and my childhood friend (actually is his wife handled the administration matter) showing suck and unprofessional attitude if you only want to insure an old car with a third-party insurance.

So, I has decided to purchase this year car insurance from Tony’s finance company,

No question asked for buying a third-party car policy with insured value of RM10,000 and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. JPJ confirmation notice was delivered to my mailbox on the second […]