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nkkhoo says Felda is a shareholder for Cadbury, therefore non-halal products are ok

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Fatwa Council: Cadbury products are still halal

PUTRAJAYA: Cadbury products, which were confirmed as ‘halal’ before they were claimed to contain porcine DNA, are still deemed so and can be consumed by Muslims, according to the National Fatwa Council.

National Fatwa Council Committee chairman Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said these products were included in the ‘Umum al-Balwa’ category (a widespread problem difficult to avoid).

“In the case of ready-made products marketed to consumers and produced through processes using clean and halal ingredients – which were confirmed as ‘halal’, but certain batches of which were later found to have been contaminated with pig DNA – the committee has decided that it is to be categorised as ‘Umum al-Balwa’.

“The ruling on the product refers to the original ruling, which is halal for consumption, as the contamination was beyond the scope of control and difficult to avoid,” he said in a statement Thursday.

The Health Ministry earlier detected two samples of Cadbury chocolates, namely Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond, contained porcine DNA.

Abdul Shukor said Muslims who had consumed such chocolates need not have doubts about […]