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Siapa makan cili, siapa rasa pedas!

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It’s an open secret the corruption is from the top. Low ranking officials will not dare to approve reserved land for illegal farming without the green light from the top.

Personal inspection: Adnan briefing Sultan Ahmad on the disaster at the Bertam Valley town.

Pahang Ruler angry with those who misused name of palace

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: Sultan Ahmad Shah said he has nothing to do with the “yellow letters” which certain people have been using to farm illegally here.

Referring to those who had misused his palace’s name as “gangsters”, the Pahang Sultan said no one was above the law, not even him.

“If I know who they are, I will punch them. Once you’re a gangster, you’re always a gangster,” Sultan Ahmad said at a press conference here yesterday, brandishing his fists.

When asked about the “surat kuning” (yellow letters) which had been used by certain people to open up specific tracts of land in Cameron Highlands for development, he replied: “I know nothing about this!”

These letters reportedly came without letterheads and were supposedly issued by senior officials in the Pahang palace.

“Ask them to come and see me, whoever […]