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Why not turn the Campbell Street to a weekend night market like the Jonker Walk?

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The Campbell street is damn dead after 7PM with only a few cheap bars open at night. Why Penang state government and MPPP are not taking initiative to make the ghost street alive and buoyant again like the Jonker Street in Melaka?

George town downtown needs a localized night market to cater for all tourists who flock in to Penang. Imagine tourists can taste Penang street foods under a one-roof night market itself is a unique attraction not available elsewhere in the world. Besides, the night market will create a few hundred new jobs for Penangites.

The night market shall be limited to selling made in Malaysia food, products and handicrafts. Cheap imported products and goods from China and foreign countries must be totally ban.

A stage should be erected for local artistes and performers to show off Penang multiracial culture to the world.

I will take up the project if LGE and MPPP buy in my idea to create a new tourist product.