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Why MNC service quality is bad in Malaysia?

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Except for Dell Computer, the service level of after sale services from MNCs like Asus, Canon, Nokia, Logitech etc. all are damn bad in Malaysia. Besides, McDonald Singapore, KFC Indonesia and 711 Thailand can provide better services than their counterparts in Malaysia.

I think this has something to do with local culture and local management attitude. Low pay for local management is a norm, as we all know when you pay peanut, you will get monkey to serve you.

Outsourcing customer services to a third-party vendor may be another reason we Malaysian customers are being treated like shit by Indian business outsourcing centers.

Let see it from another angle, I believe my expectation is too high and I cannot tolerate no reply after one week kind of Malaysia Boleh service level.

Malaysians generally learn the service quality and standard from our public services where customer is shit.

Malaysia service level is deteriorated to a level where a company’s employee has no shame to beat customer.

I fired an email to Canon Malaysia about a technical issue through its web form last week, and no reply from Canon tech support after more than 7 […]