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Today is a bad luck day! Car battery is dead and a tyre puctured at the same time

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Portable air compressor bought from Mr. DIY.

The car down in a parking lot at a hawker center in Cheras. What options did I have?

The first problem is dead battery.

Option 1. Ask the foreman come to do repairing, at least to pay them RM50 and above.

Option 2. Do-It-Yourself. Coincidentally a foreman came to repair a lady driver’s car at the next parking lot for a battery dead problem too. Asked the foreman to jump start my battery, it worked. But my battery dead again when I switched off the engine after the foreman left. I supposed to pay him RM10, but no small note in my wallet, I apologetically paid the foreman RM5 for a minute work.

Carried the battery to a motor workshop where I bought the battery for checking by uphill walking for about 100 meters. The 7-month old YUASA battery was confirmed in good condition. I realized the problem may be due to weak connection in the poles or faulty alternator.

Since the workshop staff personnel are very busy, I then brought the battery and installed it back. The lady luck was back, the car engine […]