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Why I stop eating local sweet potato?

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Why I have to spend two to three times to buy Japan imported sweet potato? Not because I have a rich dad.

A sweet potato farmer whom is my sister’s friend told her that carbofuran [Trade name: Furadan and local Chinese: 好年冬) is widely used in the local sweet potato farmland. Similar problem in the local vegetable farmland except for those intended for Singapore market.

For example, sugarcane from Parit Raja, Muar was banned by Singapore government after carbofuran residues are found.

I personally know this pesticide carbofuran is a favored pesticide for the durian growers to control pests. My late father refused to use carbofuran due to its considerable risk to human health.

Carbofuran is totally ban pesticide in USA and EU, but this agrochemical is still easily available in Malaysia.

Read more about this pesticide, “A quarter teaspoon of this pesticide can kill – Ban it”