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Giant catfish in Muar River? Yes, it was true in 70s.

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I saw a Malay fisherman carried a catfish as tall as him on his back in 70s who was passing my house in the new village. The camera is a precious household item owned by a few only, thus no photo was taken.

Besides, two giant 3 to 5 feet turtles, the big one is 4 to 5 feet were caught with trap by kampong folks in 70s also. An adult man was seating on its back and the big turtle still floating on a pond.

The villagers called in Zoo Negara to keep the turtles, unfortunately both turtles escaped from the pond on that night, otherwise you people will able to see Muar giant turtles in the Zoo Negara.

The bridge in the photo is in my village. Several crocodiles were spotted in the same location recently.

Catfish poser in Muar river By Chong Chee Seong

ANGLING potential: If claims about the presence of giant freshwater catfish were true, they could boost Muar’s tourism draw.

Villagers claim the existence of giant freshwater catfish known locally as ‘baung’ in the Muar. Pic by Chong Chee Seong

MUAR: LOCAL fishermen here […]