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Celcom is hiring thug to collect petty debt?

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I have terminated Celcom 3G in last September 2012. There was a dispute in last bill.

I have emailed Celcom support on why RM72 is billed because I have made payment of RM108 in the early September. Their answer is the October’s bill says so.

The debt collectors hired by Celcom sent me at least 8 lawyer’s letters with a legal threat that I will be charged in court for owing Celcom RM72 if no payment is made within 7 days.

About three weeks ago, the debt collector named M. Adam called my handphone to ask for due payment. I told him I cannot make any payment until Celcom tells me why RM72 was billed. I also advised him to bring the case to court since they already sent me lawyer’s letters.

I went to Celcom branch in Taman Segar to seek for explanation for RM72 bill last week. The counter staff explained the amount in October’s bill is from 8 to 28 Sept 2012 which I accepted it as a correct bill.

The thug called me at least six times and sent me at least six SMSs this week with these numbers, […]