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Malaysia is rich to subsidize foreign students

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Malaysian students especially non-bumi have to bear for extra burden for studying in private universities due to BN public racial education policy.

While in the meantime, foreign students (as high as 40% student in UTM is foreigners) mainly from Islamic nations are enjoying cheaper fees in our public universities paid by our multiracial taxpayers.

In the nutshell, non-bumi Malaysians like Chinese are not merely being discriminated against bumi, they are also in the lower class than foreigners.

First class: Malay Bumi Second Class: Other Bumi Third Class: Foreigners Forth Class: Chinese Fifth Class: Indian

To call Chinese the second class citizen is not longer valid, we Chinese are actually the forth class citizen in Malaysia.

Cheaper fees for foreign students not fair to Malaysians

July 13, 2013

Public universities are treating local students unfairly by offering cheaper fees to foreign students.

Sabah Private Higher Learning Institution Association president Datuk Wong Khen Thau said that it was also wrong for the public universities and colleges to provide cheaper education fees to foreign students as this hampers efforts by private institutions of higher learning in Sabah to help the government make Malaysia a […]