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No Chinese primary school named after donor's name in history

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My friend’s grandfather is a main donor for my primary school, and yet the name of the school was never named after him. I do not know there is any single Chinese school named after the donor, please correct me if I am wrong.

Chee Wen Chinese Primary school original name should be remained forever, and not changed to the name of donor or the name of donor’s father.

The director board for the school is truly sycophant, they offered school name change in exchange of RM 3 million donation from SunWay boss, Cheah.

The donation is not purely in good faith from the property company, the presence of a Chinese school will adding value to properties in the Subang Jaya.

Many Chinese donated millions in the past, and not a single school was named after them.

Build your own private school and name it after your grandfahter’s name is your own business, please do not encroach and spoil our long tradition for not naming public school with someone name.

This is a bad precedence and discourage Chinese general public to make donation to Chinese school.

Deputy Education Minister, Wee is truly […]