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How could Chen Peng attended interview IF he was denied to enter Malaysia in the first place?

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Where is the interview took place?

IF the interview was conducted in KL, then I have a perplexed question to UMNO Nazi government, how could Chen Peng attended interview IF he was denied to enter Malaysia?

Whether he is a hero or not, this is nothing to do Hatyai Peace Accord. Right thinking Malaysias want to know why an agreement signed by Dr. Mahathir cannot be materialized?

The true history not found in your textbook

Without Chen Peng and his armed gang, I doubt Malay ultras would budge in an inch to grant citizenship to my grandfather and father. Ironic then, my father was a home guard to fight the communists. I wonder my father realized or not without the flexing of muscle by Chen Peng, he was most likely sent back to Mainland China by the British Colonial Government.

British (Malay ultras too) by then should realize chasing away several millions Chinese from Malaya is impossible task. British had to employ 50,000 soldiers to crush 8,000 armed communists, imagine the implication IF another 100,000 or 500,000 evicted Chinese youth decided to join communist for armed struggle.

Malay ultras agent like Awang Selamat […]