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First Philippines claims Sabah is their, now China also come to claim Pulau Layang-layang is theirs

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These Chinese navy ships were sailing in the international sea just 80 km off the Sabah coast. The distance of these ships is 1,800 km from the China coastline.

If this is not a bully, then Malaysia must wait until Chinese marines landing in Pulau Layang-layang to awake Malaysians that there is a real invasion by a foreign forces.

PM Najib administration is silent about the provocation from the Chinese navy.

They will docking at Pulau Layang-layang in one day because other countries see Malaysia is impotent to defend its land after 200-odd armed terrorists could penetrate into Sabah like in the no man zone.

How Malaysia defends its ocean territory if China is deciding to invade Pulau Layang-layang tomorrow? Send police to negotiate with Chinese navy to withdraw?