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China GDP per capita will overtake Malaysia by 2020

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World bank data for GDP per capita by current USD

China in 2002: USD 1135 2011: USD 5430

Increased by 478%

[2020 projection: 25955 USD]

Malaysia in 2002: USD 4114 2011: USD 9656

Increased by 235%

[2020 peojection: 22663 USD]

With the projection, China GDP per capita will hit USD 25955 while Bodohland will hit 22663 by 2020.

I know many Malaysian Chinese still living in the closet by thinking China is still a poor country.

The destined fate is more Malaysians have to work in China by 2020 as maids, factory workers, prostitutes, roadside hawkers, etc.

If you also look at Bodohland’s national debt growth rate, our future is hitting a dead end under BN.