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Why coaches involved in the trains accident in China were buried after 17 hour? This is the story...

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This above comics in Chinese explains it all. The China railway boss was in a diamond shopping spree with his mistress after the trains collide accident. He replied to his mistress bought all diamonds when he was still on the phone with the rescue team.

The rescue team carried out buried all instruction, the rest is history. Bought all pronunciation in Chinese is very closed to buried all.

This is the reason the coaches were buried before any investigation is done. 🙂

Malaysia is approaching this China standard with our first lady also bought a USD 24 million diamond ring.

PM Najib may be shocked after his wife phoned him about USD 24 million diamond bill during the anti-Bersih conference call from London with IPC, and said something like this, “Waulan-er..that clean shit costs me a bomb!”. IPC then followed his instruction obediently to fire teargas bombs. The rest is history.

Remark: Above stories are imaginative jokes, not the real stories.