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Another stupidity from BN by using blasting method to dig tunner under KL downtown

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How KL SMART tunnel was built? That was done by using undertunnel boring machine.

How MRT in Singapore and Beijing was built?

Not a single land acquisition except for stations, no idiots like UMNO cronies to use public safety to grab land from the rakyat.

Go hire Germany firm to dig undertunnel instead of using world war 2’s blasting method.

Our heritage is more important than nonsense safety, and such demolition can be avoided with right tunneling technique is used. Acquisition is for people’s safety, says expert

The main reason for acquiring properties in Jalan Sultan in the Petaling Street area for the MRT project is because digging a tunnel underground will require blasting and this will affect buildings surrounding the site, said a geotechnical specialist with joint project partner MMC Gamuda.

Geotechnical specialist Dr Ooi Kean Hock said the acquisition and evacuation was for the safety of the people.

“There is a certain gradient that we need when digging tunnels and we are taking this into account,” he said.